Thursday, November 18, 2010

Children's Hats

It's been a while since I shared something.  Here's some children's hats I made.  An Owl, and a Monster.  I used a pattern for the owl, and it turned out quite a bit larger than I expected.  Then Using a beanie pattern I'm more comfortable with, modified a little from what I learned in the owl hat pattern, I made a monster hat.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little Late...

I had a pumpkin left to carve, the day of Halloween.  So I quickly put this guy together, or rather took him apart, from the inside.  :) 

It only took me about 5 mins... When you aren't trying to carfully carve out the inside, to make it perfect and look nice, when you peer inside... It goes really fast!  I didn't waste anything.  The peices from the eyes and mouth were added to his spew to make it chunkier.  hehehe...I always wanted to make one of these, I didn't know it would be so fast, I think I'll have to make one every year!

Ear Flap Hat

So I've been going back in my pictures archive, and pulling out past projects to share.  This is the first ear-flap hat I made.  It ended up going in a package shipped off to my brother's family of 6 back in September.  I made a bunch of hats, and that crocheted cupcake from an earlier blog post, and sent it all to them, just for fun.  :)

Sesame Street Bert Hat

My husband came up with this idea, and then asked me to make him a Bert Hat.  So I came up with this for him.  He said he wanted a yellow cone-shaped hat, with a uni-brow, and tuft of hair at top. 

I've had a couple people ask me when they see this picture "you actually got him to wear it? he doesn't seem too happy!" But then I have to explain to them it was all his idea in the first place, and he requested it.  He always looks sorta grumpy, even when he smiles.  :)  Just who he is I guess...

Stuffed Dog

Actual size is about 8 inches tall.
Here is a stuffed dog I made for my son.  I was actually making something else, that was a gift for someone, and he was so fascinated with the process of me making something that looked like a toy, and then stuffing it, and attaching things to the body, that he was upset when I put the original away.

When I made this one for him, I let him help me stuff the head, body and limbs.  He thought that was great! he'd grab the little pieces of fleece, and then poke them down into the little parts.  Now he plays with it most days, he really likes it.  It's even a toy he's willing to share with his baby sister, but not usually for too long, just a few seconds.

Another Hat and Scarf

So still trying to use up my black yarn, I made a black and red hat/scarf set.  Or rather, more like trying not to use up all my colors so fast, since I have an abundance of black yarn.

This set's pretty simplistic, I didn't really do anything fancy, but it's for a boy so I don't think fancy is a requirement :)