Monday, October 4, 2010

My Son's "Quilt"

I love quilts, but I don't have the patience to sew. I love making blankets like this, they are so light weight compared to an entire blanket made from yarn and you can make something of a good size, relatively quickly since it's not completely crocheted.  I cut squares out of fleece.  And poke holes every half inch along the edges, a half inch in.  Then working in the holes, crochet around the square.  This one, I made a lot of different sized squares and crocheted around the squares until they were all the same size (roughly).  

After all the squares are made, you can attach them the same way you would for a granny square.  I personally, like to use single crochet stitch and work in the back loops of the squares.  This gives it a cool ridge that really pops out if you use a different color yarn.  Once they're all connected, I go around the entire blanket 2-4 times with a double crochet stitch, sometimes half-doubles, or singles. 

I never buy fleece from a fabric store.  I buy those fleece lap-sized blanket throws they sell during the holidays, only I buy them after Christmas when they are all discounted.   Since I make these blankets about the same size as those throws, materials go a long way.  This is 3 fleece blankets, a red, a blue and a plaid.  And for yarn, I actually used shades of blue and red I had left over from other projects.  I only bought white yarn, for joining/edging.

My son loves this blanket, I made it while I was pregnant with him.  I had so much materials left over that I decided to make a 2nd one, figuring one day I'd have another kid and they would need their own blanket too.  2 weeks after starting the second, I found out I was pregnant again.  My daughter is still too young for a blanket this big, but when she's ready for it, she has her own that matches Big Brother's, only her's is mostly red instead of blue.


  1. I love the colors!! And by the way, the purple/green one you made for me (okay fine, for US) I use every day at my computer :D

  2. hehe. It was for you, I just said it was for both of you, so he wouldn't feel left out! :-D

    I actually saw that you had it as a back-drop for the murloc pillow on Etsy, hehe.