Friday, January 28, 2011

Sock Monkey Hat, Monkey Doll and Sackboy

So none of these are made from 1 specific pattern, I came up with all of them after looking at lots of pictures and browsing online for ideas.

First off, I have a Monkey Doll.  He has baby blue eyes, on a variegated brown yarn.  He even Squeaks when you squeeze him!

Next, I have a Sock-Monkey Hat.  I don't think it turned out perfectly, but I know how to fix it for the next one.  This one was just sort of a proto-type/test run.  I tried to make his mouth stick out some, but it didn't work well. :-/

Lastly, I have a PS3 Sackboy from Little Big Planet.  I made it for my husband, who's a fan of the game.   I used pipe-cleaners inside him so he is posable.  (Oh excuse I believe they are called "chenille stems" now...) The 2nd one just came out, and we haven't gotten it yet... booo.... soon though... maybe :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gnomes, Kindle Cases and Elephants

Alright, so I found a couple more I hadn't posted.  And wanted to add those in real quick.

First off, I have one of my most favorite creations.  I looked and looked and looked for a pattern for this little guy, but found nothing even close to what I wanted to accomplish.  I made him out of thread, size 10 I think.  with a size 10 hook.  He was a gift for my SIL who also loves gnomes, and I made a little mushroom figurine to go with him.

For size reference.

 Next up, I have a kindle case I made for my sister back in November.  Her Kindle is in a cover, and so I made it to fit a kindle with a protective cover on it.  After taking these pictures, I added a pocket onto the back, for a clip light she has.  I wish I had pictures of that, but I didn't get the camera out as I finished that.

And finally, I am not sure if I shared this one, I may have.  But here's a stuffed elephant I made for my daughter.  She isn't that into it.  But her older brother likes to play with it, so maybe she will grow into the idea of stuffed animals when she's older.

I've also got some pictures of about 8-10 hats/scarves I made for Christmas gifts all laid out together on the coffee table.  A sack-boy from Little Big Planet, and some toddler slippers.  I've also been trying my skills on writing some of my own patterns to share.  So hopefully those will be upcoming this month.  Happy Crocheting everyone!!

Since the Holidays...

Well, I had been very busy over the holidays, and much of what I made was gifts and couldn't be posted or surprises would have been given away.  And that got me off track of posting updates.  So hopefully I will have more time to stay on track with posts.

This first one is a set I made for my sister.  A hat and glove/mitten combo.  It's some fingerless gloves, with fold-over mitten tops.  there's a button at the cuff to hold the mittens back, when you want your fingers free.  

Next, I've got some scarves I made for another sister, a variety of styles in pink/brown combos.  Some brown eyelash yarn, with hot pink yarn woven in, worked together.  Then a vintage style of 3 different colors of random stripes.  And then a fishscale pattern of brown and hot pink.

This is a bucket style hat I made for my mom.   It is the eyelash yarn again, woven in with another color and worked together as before.  I did the top of the hat with a verigated blue eyelash, with a light blue regular yarn, and then the brim is a navy blue eyelash worked over navy blue regular yarn. The picture is hard to tell, but it is a full size bucket hat, and has a loose fit.  My mom loved it.

I have a whole lot more projects to share as well, but I don't think they are loaded on my computer yet.  I need to unload my camera, there's over 300 pics on there that I need to sort through from birthdays and holidays... yick... not looking forward to that chore. 

Anyways, happy crocheting all!  I will hopefully get some new posts up here soon.