Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Since the Holidays...

Well, I had been very busy over the holidays, and much of what I made was gifts and couldn't be posted or surprises would have been given away.  And that got me off track of posting updates.  So hopefully I will have more time to stay on track with posts.

This first one is a set I made for my sister.  A hat and glove/mitten combo.  It's some fingerless gloves, with fold-over mitten tops.  there's a button at the cuff to hold the mittens back, when you want your fingers free.  

Next, I've got some scarves I made for another sister, a variety of styles in pink/brown combos.  Some brown eyelash yarn, with hot pink yarn woven in, worked together.  Then a vintage style of 3 different colors of random stripes.  And then a fishscale pattern of brown and hot pink.

This is a bucket style hat I made for my mom.   It is the eyelash yarn again, woven in with another color and worked together as before.  I did the top of the hat with a verigated blue eyelash, with a light blue regular yarn, and then the brim is a navy blue eyelash worked over navy blue regular yarn. The picture is hard to tell, but it is a full size bucket hat, and has a loose fit.  My mom loved it.

I have a whole lot more projects to share as well, but I don't think they are loaded on my computer yet.  I need to unload my camera, there's over 300 pics on there that I need to sort through from birthdays and holidays... yick... not looking forward to that chore. 

Anyways, happy crocheting all!  I will hopefully get some new posts up here soon.

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