Friday, January 28, 2011

Sock Monkey Hat, Monkey Doll and Sackboy

So none of these are made from 1 specific pattern, I came up with all of them after looking at lots of pictures and browsing online for ideas.

First off, I have a Monkey Doll.  He has baby blue eyes, on a variegated brown yarn.  He even Squeaks when you squeeze him!

Next, I have a Sock-Monkey Hat.  I don't think it turned out perfectly, but I know how to fix it for the next one.  This one was just sort of a proto-type/test run.  I tried to make his mouth stick out some, but it didn't work well. :-/

Lastly, I have a PS3 Sackboy from Little Big Planet.  I made it for my husband, who's a fan of the game.   I used pipe-cleaners inside him so he is posable.  (Oh excuse I believe they are called "chenille stems" now...) The 2nd one just came out, and we haven't gotten it yet... booo.... soon though... maybe :)


  1. I love them! You know what's funny? If you go to the craft store and ask for chenille stems, they usually have no clue. But ask for pipe cleaners...."Oh, that's aisle 3". hahahaha

  2. hahaha yeah, that's funny. I don't know why they had to start calling them something else. So silly...