Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few Things for a SiL

My SiL and I do package exchanges every now and then, and now that she has received her package, I can share a few of the things that I sent to her.  

The first thing I have, is a paper cupcake box.  It was made from a design I found from this blog (click here).  I was originally going to make about a dozen of these cute little cupcake boxes as party favors for my daughters 1st birthday, but one took me 3 hours and I didn't feel like investing that much time.  But it turned out okay, not as fancy as the designer's, but still cute. 

Continuing with my paper theme, I'll share this one next.  A cute little owl "card" I made to write on, since she likes owls.  :-D  He has a flap at his forehead to help hold it closed. It's just layered construction paper, held together with rolled small pieces of scotch tape for depth.

And then carrying over on the Owl theme, I have a little owl pouch I designed, sort of the same design as the paper one I made. He has a button loop hidden under his head flap, and a button between his eyes.  to secure closed.  Not the greatest design, but only way I could hide it and keep it shut, since I don't have any Velcro or anything like that.

Up next I have a little case/wallet/purse or whatever you wanna call it.  It's just one pocket.  But it has some fish appliques, seaweed and a star fish.  The purple fish is a Betta, and the Blue fish is an angel fish, but it kinda got sewn on all wonky.

And Lastly, I have a little cupcake pouch.  I wish I had zippers, and better sewing skills so that this could be a zipped pouch, then it'd make a cute little coin purse.  But I don't have the zippers, or the sewing ability for that quite yet.  

So there you have it, the things I made for my SiL.  :)  I had more in the package, but those things weren't hand-made.  :-D   Happy Crocheting everyone!

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  1. I love them!! I like the creative ways to close everything without using snaps/zippers/etc.. very clever! :D :D