Sunday, February 6, 2011

Toddler Slippers and Dog Sweater

So for Christmas, I had made everyone handmade gifts. Here's what I made my son.  I got the pattern to test out downloading and reading crochet patterns on my Kindle, to see how easy it would be to read.  It did not go well.  Not only was the math completely wrong on every row to the next... The extra time it took me to count, and re-read and fix the pattern's constant mistakes... The Kindle would auto-shut off from being idle so long.

My son was very interested in me taking pictures of his slippers.  He wouldn't stop touching them while I was pointing the camera at them.

Next, I decided to try out an idea I had been pondering for several months.  My dog loves to wear shirts.  And They need frequent laundering.  So I needed to enlarge his wardrobe.  I came up with this sweater.  I had to keep trying it on him every 10 mins, and by the third time he was very irritated with me to keep having to take it off of him.  WHen I finally gave the finished product to him to wear, he was quite pleased but scowled at me as if to say "What took you so long?!" as he curled up into a little ball and sighed.

Bowser wouldn't hold still very well.  The best picture I could get of him wearing it was him scratching his ear.... Ahh well.


  1. I love how you're able to make things work out no matter how wonky the pattern is AND that you can make up your own patterns and they totally rock!! :D

  2. Thanks! IT has come with years of practice. An sometimes it isn't easy...Some times it's a lot of sweat, frustration and nearly ripping my hair out, and all the crocheted work. :)