Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cafe Mugs

My daughter isn't yet 1 yr old, and I'm so excited to have a daughter.  She isn't quite old enough for tea parties yet, but with these cute little toys I can get her started.  One is a solid light purple, and it rattles.  While the other is a variegated light purple, dark purple, and green which crinkles.  I used a swimmers nose plug case with 3 pony beads in it, glued shut with a glue gun for the rattle, and for the crinkly one, I used cellophane wrapping paper.  Maybe she can play with her big brother and they can share a cup of pretend Mocha, and count their pretend cookies!  :)   (sorry the lighting is bad, I have a bad time taking pictures at night with my phone, but I was too excited and wanted to share this one)

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