Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kindle Carrier

I made this today, took quite a while to design it, come up with a suitable design from yarn, with enough pocket space for accessories.  It's not meant to protect your E-Reader, but designed to hold it with a protective cover already on your Kindle/Nook.  It has a front pocket and a back pocket, in addition to the main Kindle pocket.  You can carry all your E-Reader accessories, and even have room for your phone or keys.  Easy "Grab and Go" reading.  It's made from acrylic yarn, and it's colors are burgundy, pumpkin orange, heather gray, and a variegated of dark red, greens, and orange.  It has a flap that folds over the whole front and secures with a vintage button.  This particular Case, pairs very nicely with the Burnt Orange Leather Kindle Cover. 



Top view of inside, with e-reader, charger, and clip-light in pockets.

Back Pocket

Top view of inside

Front, bottom, and side.

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  1. Definitely a fabulous design and would be a great seller!! I want one of those just for all the case-possibilities to make :D