Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Cover

This was a birthday gift for a nephew, that likes to read. Its made from 100% cotton and fits most standard sized paperback books.  It has 2 buttons, and a tassel to loop around the two, to secure closed, and a bookmark secured at the top of the spine to use.

I didn't use a pattern, it's pretty basic.  Just all SC's length to fit book top to bottom, then as many rows as it takes to fit around the cover of the book.  Then a couple of pieces same amount of stitches top to bottom, long enough to make pockets for front/back cover (about half of the cover width).  Once those 3 pieces are made, I laid them all together, and SC around all of it, working through loops of both pieces to secure them together.  Added and sewed on bookmark tassel, and securing tassel, along with buttons.

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