Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Cards

This year, I wanted to make some valentines with the kids.  But since one is only 2.25 and the other 9 months old... I didn't have a lot of options to get them involved.

So, I had my son (the older) color on a sheet of paper with purple, red, pink, and magenta.  He pretty much just scribbles.  But with direction, I can get him to scribble in certain area's of a paper.  In the mean time, I folded sheets of paper into quarters, colored another sheet of paper almost solidly with crayons (I don't have colored construction paper, so I did this).  And got out an ink-pad. 

When my son was tired of coloring, I inked his hands and stamped the inside of one of the quarter-folded cards.  And then did the same with daughter's feet.  I could have done her hands, but I was doing 6 prints, and so that many stamps in quick succession would have been messy.

After I had all the papers stamped with hands and feet, and the sheet my son colored, and the sheet I colored.  I cut hearts out of the paper he colored.  And then cut out bigger hearts out of the sheet I colored, to frame his hearts.  Then I just crayon wrote some "I heart U's on the front to go with mine/his heart combos.  Dated the backs, had him scribble a little few "words" on the inside of his cards and they're ready for Grandma's and Daddy  for Valentines Day

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